Single Cylinders

Single Cylinders

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Single cylinders are cylinder variants that can only be locked from one side, useful for storage facilities and other such spaces that never need to be opened from inside. They’re sometimes known as Half Euro Cylinders, and tend to utilised on lockable cupboards, drawers and small safes.


While we have several different varieties of cylinders for sale, some cylinder locks are naturally more suitable for specific set-ups than others.


For example, key & turn cylinders are operated via a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside, promoting ease of use from indoors and protection from external threats simultaneously. This is particularly practical on a fire door, allowing the the corresponding door to open quickly in an emergency.


In contrast, key & key cylinders are geared for more comprehensive security. Containing two separate cylinders, both sides require a key when operating this kind of lock. This style of lock has seen significant application over the last hundred years in countries spanning the world over, with it’s inexpensive construction and easy installation contributing to its popularity.


3-star BS cylinder locks are an even more secure innovation based on the double cylinder lock, and approved via the TS007 British Standard. These locks are devised to provide all of the benefits of the modern cylinder lock while diminishing the flaws in the older designs.

Because of this, the risk of burglary using techniques such as lock snappingis drastically reduced when employing a model such as this.


Finally, we stock an impressive selection of rim cylinders intended as replacements for the versatile rim locks & night latches. There are many different variations available with the most common being the Yale cylinder, a standard key section. We carry a variety of sizes and metal finishes to match your chosen lock and style, so you’re always in good hands.


No matter what lock you have or what door you own, Ironmongery Experts has you covered.