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What is an escutcheon? Guide into keyhole covers.

Escutcheons are also known as keyhole covers. These items surround the keyhole to give this area a clean and neat appearance plus, to offer protection to the door against damage from the key. Escutcheons can also come complete with covers to reduce draughts from this opening and to prevent prying eyes from seeing into a room.

There are mainly three types of escutcheons: euro profile escutcheon, standard profile escutcheon and oval profile escutcheon and these are available in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

Euro escutcheons are designed to work with euro cylinder locks. These are high-security locks which can be easily keyed-alike and master keyed. Amongst our selection of euro escutcheons, we have available round chrome euro keyhole escutcheons, square copper euro escutcheons and oval brass euro escutcheons.

Standard escutcheons are the most common type of keyhole cover used in the United Kingdom and are designed to work with any standard sashlock or deadlock. If you are looking for standard escutcheons, we supply round black standard key escutcheons, square nickel standard key escutcheons and standard profile keyhole escutcheons.

Oval escutcheons are designed to work with oval profile cylinders and feature an oval profile shape. Within our range of oval escutcheons, we have available stainless steel oval profile keyhole covers, bronze oval profile escutcheons and chrome oval profile key escutcheons.

To prevent draughts, we’d recommend purchasing an escutcheon with a cover, including our polished nickel escutcheon and cover, rosewood and brass escutcheon with cover, black gothic escutcheon with cover and chrome covered escutcheons.

If you are wondering how to fit one of these items, please view our blog post about “how to fit an escutcheon”. In case you have an enquiry regarding any of our ironmongery products, feel free to give our team a call on 01376 557 561 or via email at