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Anvil Window Furniture

Anvil Window Furniture


At Ironmongery Experts, we supply From the Anvil window furniture, including sash window furniture, fanlight window furniture and casement window furniture. Among this selection, we have available casement stays, casement fasteners, espagnolette handles, sash window accessories, fanlight window catches and fanlight window stays.


Casement window stays allow windows to be open in certain positions. If you require a small window opening, you can secure pins on the holes closer to the window and vice-versa. Casement fasteners provide a secure way to fasten a window, providing little security. Additionally, we have available espagnolette handles, also known as espag window handles.


For sash windows, we have available a variety of window furniture and accessories, including sash window hook fasteners, standard pulleys, sash cords, sash window stops, sash window lifts and more.


Finally, we also have available window furniture for fanlight windows, including fanlight catches, fanlight stays and fanlight winders. Fanlight catches are used to secure fanlight windows, whilst fanlight stays are used to restrict windows and fanlight winders are used to reach fanlight windows.