Anvil Window Espagnolette Handle

Anvil Window Espagnolette Handle

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At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a variety of From the Anvil espagnolette handles, also known as espag handles. These must be used with espagnolette gearboxes and window locks in order to securely close windows. This range comes available in a variety of styles and finishes, including brass avon reversible window espagnolette, polished nickel hinton left handed window espagnolette, polished bronze reeded left handed window espagnolette, among many other styles and finishes.


Casement windows can also be secured with our casement window fasteners. These are reversible non-handed fasteners which can be either used on the left side or right side of windows. These should be used with weather stripped windows. To restrict the openness of a window, we would recommend browsing through our selection of casement window stays.


Additionally, we also have available sash window furniture, including sash window lifts, sash window cords, sash window stops, and more. To secure the movement of sash windows, we supply sash window stops. To close sash windows, we have available sash window hook fasteners.


Finally, for fanlight windows, we stock an immense variety of furniture and accessories as well, including fanlight window catches, fanlight window stays and fanlight window winders. Among this range, we have available chrome fanlight catches, black fanlight window stays and brass fanlight window winders.