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Anvil Casement Stays

Anvil Casement Stays

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From the Anvil casement stays allow windows to be partially open, depending on the position of the pins on the arm of the stay. To securely close a casement window, we recommend the From the Anvil casement fasteners and to operate the window, we would recommend From the Anvil espagnolette handles. All of these products come in a wide range of styles and finishes to match your home décor and to meet your requirements.


We also have available window furniture for sash windows, including sash window hook fasteners, sash window stops, sash window pulleys, sash window cords, sash window lifts and more. Most From the Anvil products are hand forged, thus all measurements are approximate and should be used as a guide.


If you require window furniture for fanlight windows, see our selection of fanlight window catches and fanlight window stays. Fanlight catches are used to securely close fanlight windows, while fanlight stays are used to restrict the openness of fanlight windows. Finally, we have available fanlight window winders which are used to reach high fanlight windows in order to close them.