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Anvil Sash Window Furniture & Accessories

Anvil Sash Window Furniture & Accessories

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Sash windows require a variety of window furniture and accessories in order to properly function. At Ironmongery Experts, we supply From the Anvil sash window furniture to meet any and all of your requirements. We have available sash window fasteners, sash window pull handles, sash window stops, sash window cords and sash window pulleys.


In addition to sash window furniture, we also supply casement window furniture and fanlight window furniture. Among our casement window furniture range, we have available From the Anvil casement stays, which are used to restrict the openness of casement windows, From the Anvil casement fasteners, which are used to secure windows, and finally, window espagnolette handles which must be used with espagnolette gearboxes and locking mechanisms to securely close windows.


Among our fanlight window range, we supply fanlight window catches, including polished brass fanlight catches and black fanlight catches, as well as fanlight window stays and fanlight window winders. Fanlight window stays, such as the black quadrant window stays, restrict the openness of a window, whilst fanlight window winders, such as the chrome hook fanlight winders, enable people to more easily operate fanlight windows.