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Fire Safety Products

Fire Safety Products


Having appropriate Intumescent Products installed is of paramount importance for any commercial building. We have a wide range of models that guarantee a solid and proficient method to ensure fires are contained. Incorporating effective fire seals will ensure safe routes are available during a crisis situation and the avoidance of further damage being inflicted in other areas of your building.


Fire Seal products are the perfect way to alleviate any possibility of fires spreading and causing both structural damage and potential harm to any people present. They adopt a long strip of intumescent sealing which expands once exposed to extreme heat, allowing the gap between doors and the frame to be sealed in a safe and sturdy fashion. This area of the door requires optimum solidity as it will be the most vulnerable during a fire related incident.  


The outbreak of a fire will also cause rooms to be filled with smoke and harmful toxins. This can be eradicated by any of our Fire and Smoke Seal products, which have been specifically modified to prevent both fire and smoke leaving affected rooms as well as ensuring unaffected areas remain unexposed. These products adopt a long brush which will prevent the passage of smoke and therefore increase the safety and proficiency of your building during a fire.


The locking mechanism and any hinges can also be protected with any of our Intumescent Lock Packs and Intumescent Hinge Packs. This will further strengthen your doorway during a fire and ensure its structural integrity remains intact. By sealing these components on your doorway, you will have provided the maximum level of solidity and ensured the adherence to any health and safety regulations that may be applicable to your building.


Letter boxes are another area of doorways that could be exploited by fires unless they have been protected in an effective manner. We have a range of Intumescent Letter Plate designs that will ensure letter boxes are sealed during a fire and further strengthen the structure of any door.


Finally, we have a selection of Miscellaneous Intumescent products which includes a wide range of air transfer grill designs. Having a continuous flow of fresh air is important for any functional working environment, however ventilation devices could be dangerous during a fire and will require effective sealing to be in place otherwise smoke could spread throughout buildings with ease.