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It is of vital importance that door hinges have been equipped with an intumescent sealing. We have a wide selection of Intumescent Hinge Packs that will provide you with an effective and durable method to add structural integrity to any door and maximise proficiency during a crisis situation. The intumescent sealing will expand once exposed to extreme heat and fill out any gaps that could be exploited by fire. Door locks are also able to be sealed with any of our Intumescent Lock Packs.


Another area within doorways that could be severely compromised during a fire is the small gap between the door itself and the frame. This needs to be sealed up with any of our Fire Seals, which have been specially manufactured with an intumescent strip to help alleviate the possibility of fire spreading throughout buildings. It is essential to contain fires within a small space to maximise the chances of it being dealt with both promptly and effectively.


Smoke and potentially harmful toxins are usually present after the outbreak of fires. Our range of Fire and Smoke Seals have been specially made with the purpose of keeping fire trapped as well as ensuring smoke does not pass through buildings and affect people who are present. This dual method of containment will ensure you have adhered to any health and safety regulations.


Doorways often adopt a letter box, providing fire with another opportunity to break apart the door’s structure and spread further into buildings. Our selection of Intumescent Letter Plate designs will eliminate these fears instantly and come in a range of high quality materials such as gold and stainless steel for a long lasting and durable finish.


Finally, on our Miscellaneous Intumescent page, we have a selection of ventilation products that have been made with an intumescent sealing.  These are common place in many commercial buildings in order to regulate air, however its functionality could prove to be extremely hazardous in the event of a fire.

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