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Locking mechanisms can be severely damaged once exposed to extreme heat. The best way to alleviate this issue is the installation of any of our Intumescent Lock Packs. These designs have been made with an intumescent sealing which will expand when in contact with fire and provide much needed structural integrity to combat any potential damage being inflicted. Hinges can also be similarly protected with our selection of Intumescent Hinge Packs.


The gap between the door and its frame is also potentially hazardous during a fire related incident. It’s important to keep fires within the area of its origin to prevent it from spreading further and causing more damage within your building. We have a range of Fire Seals, which have also been manufactured with an intumescent sealing to maximise both proficiency and safety during a crisis.


Fires are also likely to cause an outbreak of smoke and potentially harmful toxins. This can be alleviated by any of our Fire and Smoke Seals, which have been modified with the dual purpose of preventing fire from spreading as well as containing smoke. This is especially important within any commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals that occupy a large number of people.


Letter boxes are common place for many doorways at the front of buildings. This area could also prove to be hazardous during a fire related incident unless it has been appropriately equipped with an intumescent sealing. We have a wide range of Intumescent Letter Plate designs that are certain to provide a solid safety mechanism whilst also providing stylish radiance with either brass, gold, or stainless steel finishes.


Finally, we have an array of ventilation products which can be found within our Miscellaneous Intumescent range. Having a model that can filter air is of paramount importance for any functional working environment. However, these devices will need to be sealed for maximum safety during a fire related incident.

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