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We have an assortment of intumescent products available on our Miscellaneous Intumescent page. This includes a wide selection of ventilation designs which have all been manufactured with an intumescent sealing to ensure optimum safety during a crisis situation. This type of product could spread dangerous toxins throughout buildings during the outbreak of a fire, which means suitable measures to be implemented.


Having a Fire Seal will also improve the level of safety within both commercial and domestic buildings. These products also adopt the intumescent sealing, which will expand once exposed to extreme heat and create a protective barrier to block fire passing through the door. This means fires can be contained and then dealt with in a prompt and effective manner.


Fires are also likely to spread smoke and toxins, in which the installation of a Fire and Smoke Seal will be required. These designs have been made with practicality and efficiency in mind as they have the dual capability of preventing fire from leaving effected areas and also ensuring smoke does not circulate throughout buildings.


Hinges and locks are one the most vulnerable areas during the event of a fire. These should be highly prioritized when it comes to equipping buildings with the necessary safety measures as they hold an integral role for the structure and solidity of any frame or door. These can be protected with ease with any of our Intumescent Lock Packs or Intumescent Hinge Packs.


Letter boxes are another area that could be severely compromised unless suitable protection has been implemented. We have a selection of Intumescent Letter Plate designs to prevent fires from exploiting this potentially vulnerable area of a door. 


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