Fire Seal

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Sealing doorways in an effective and practical manner will optimise the proficiency of your building during a crisis situation. This will maximise the chances of people being unharmed as well as the structural integrity of rooms remaining intact. We have a selection of Fire Seals which have been fitted out with intumescent sealing to ensure fires are trapped within the area of origin to alleviate the chances of it spreading and causing more damage.


Fires are also likely to cause both smoke and harmful toxins to spread around buildings. This needs to be contained appropriately in order to provide people with the upmost level of safety during a crisis. We have a selection of Fire and Smoke Seal designs which have been manufactured to prevent the spreading of both fire and smoke throughout buildings. Having methodical smoke and fire surveillance in place, is paramount for the adherence to any the health and safety regulations applicable to commercial buildings.


The most vulnerable area of any doorway is the locking mechanism. This also needs to be sealed with an intumescent coating to provide even more structural integrity to any doors. We have both Intumescent Lock Packs and Intumescent Hinge Packs to guarantee that every area of your doorway has been fitted out with the necessary safety precautions in place.


Many domestic buildings will have a letter box installed somewhere on the front door. This will need to be sealed with any of our Intumescent Letter Plate designs to prevent fire from entering your home. All our products are made with high quality materials such as chrome and stainless steel, for a long lasting and durable finish.


Finally, we have a selection of air transfer grills which can be found within our Miscellaneous Intumescent range. Ventilation systems are common place in most commercial buildings in order to provide rooms with a continuous stream of ventilated air. However, such devices could prove to be hazardous during a fire and will therefore require an intumescent sealing.

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