Fire & Smoke Seal

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The outbreak of a fire is likely to cause both structural damage and the spreading of potentially harmful smoke and toxins. The chances of this occurring can be severely decreased with the installation of any Fire and Smoke Seal products we have on offer. These designs have been manufactured with the dual purpose of keeping fires trapped within the room of origin as well as preventing smoke from leaving affected areas.


We also have Fire Seals, which have been specially coated with an intumescent sealing. The substance will expand once exposed to extreme heat, providing your door with an optimum level of structural integrity. The gap between doors and the frame will be the most vulnerable during a fire, meaning this area should be strongly prioritized when it comes to equipping doorways with the appropriate safety measures.


Hinges and locks can also be sealed with any of our Intumescent Lock Packs and Intumescent Hinge Packs. Many regulatory authorities have specified that doorways need to be fully equipped with intumescent sealing. Locking mechanisms can be hugely compromised once exposed to heat, therefore increasing the likelihood of the door’s structure falling apart. 


Letter boxes are another area within doors that could be affected during a fire. The large gap they take up will provide easy passage for fires to pass through doorways unless they have been appropriately sealed. We have a selection of Intumescent Letter Plate designs that have been made with high quality materials such as chrome and stainless steel, to guarantee a durable and long lasting finish.


Finally, we have a range of Miscellaneous Intumescent products. This includes a selection of ventilation systems which have been coated with Intumescent sealing to provide working environments with a method to ventilate clean air whilst also maintaining the necessary safety precautions in the event of a fire.

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