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Our Drop Down Seals are ideal to contain smoke, stopping it from passing under a fire door. When the door is opened, drop seals will lift clear of the floor and when a door closes, drop seals will automatically drop down to fully and efficiently close the gap between the floor and fire door.


In addition to our drop down seals, we supply fire seals, which will help trap fires within the area of origin. Fire and smoke seals will also keep fires trapped within the room of origin but will also prevent smoke from leaving affected areas. Both these seals have been manufactured with intumescent sealing which will expand once exposed to extreme heat.


Any locking mechanism and door hinge can also be protected and sealed with our intumescent lock packs and intumescent hinge packs. These products will aid to maintain doors structural integrity during a fire, providing additional protection to the hinge and door lock area. Additionally, we stock intumescent letter plates and other intumescent products which are perfect for both commercial and residential properties.


Finally, we have available a wide selection of fire door retainers, including the Union Black DoorSense Fire Door Retainer. This fire door retainer provides ease of access by holding fire doors open and ensures the safety of all individuals within a building by automatically closing fire doors when the fire alarm sounds. This British Standards: BS EN 1155 compliant product has been EMC Tested and rated for timber doors (FD120).

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