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At Ironmongery Experts we take pride in delivering only the highest quality construction and joinery components, however we understand that, sometimes, all you need is an obscure fixture or a one-off device. That’s why we have a substantial accessories section, too.


From Escutcheons and other types of keyhole cover to Indicator Bolt locks for public toilets, we carry a massive and diverse selection of miscellaneous equipment for sale.


Also on offer are our Cupboard Knobs & Handles, available in a large variety of classic and contemporary kitchen door handles. If you need something for the external areas of your home however, try our Bolts & Sockets for keeping your garage, shed, and other outside doors secure.


If you have something a little different, like a pair of double doors or French doors, our Mortice Bolts are perfect for providing a secondary level of security via the use of a key or thumbturn. Adding an extra layer of protection for your doors has never been easier – we even stock various models of Hinge Bolts that prevent a door’s hinges from being removed, so feel free to browse our range at your leisure.


Regarding your home’s kitchen area, you may be interested in our Magnetic Catches. These ensure your cupboard doors remain closed upon operation without the need for keys or latches.


Speaking of latches, our Touch Latch fixtures require only a gentle push to activate their spring-actuated engagement, making them ideal for protecting doors that require easy access for multiple individuals.

We also have a diverse range of Cabin Hooks for sale. These are perfect for securely propping open doors, windows or ensuring shutters remain in place, so their applications are quite versatile.

If you’re after more traditional Hooks for coat hanging purposes, we have a variety of classic designs on offer. Available in several sizes, shapes and metal finishes, there’s sure to be one that catches your eye in our collection.


Kicking plates are panels that protect your doors against scratches, scuffs, and other superficial damage, making them ideal for scenarios whereby many people use the same door. Whether utilised in a school, office, or other environment, our stainless steel plates won’t let you down.

In the same way, Push Plates are often applied to the portion of the door the user places their hand on, and the two components are often paired up on a single door.


If you require shelving apparatus, Ironmongery Experts has you covered – we stock an elegant range of brackets and uprights for use in a myriad of environments. Our Shelving items also come in many different sizes to ensure you can find the configuration you need.


Ventilation is crucial in the office and industrial sector, so we carry many varieties of vent plates and vent panels to suit your needs. Everything from the signature louvre vents to the more subtle cowled Aircore with LookRyt panels, so you can choose whichever takes your fancy.
If you need a new handrail or bannister affixed to your staircase, you’ll want several Handrail Brackets to facilitate the attachment. Sleek and sturdy, our bannister brackets come in several unique designs and various metal finishes, so matching your home’s aesthetic is simple.


Finally, we stock a large collection of Safety Products intended to promote vigilance round the home. From the increasingly-popular door finger guards and fingershields to the ever-essential Dorguard, everything is purposed with your safety in mind – we even have a vibrating alarm for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.