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Handrail Brackets

Handrail Brackets

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The bannister is severely underappreciated as far as Accessories go, and an example of something we don’t realise is there until it’s gone. That’s why handrail brackets are so essential – it doesn’t matter if you have a wall mounted handrail or any other variety, Ironmongery Experts is here to assist no matter which configuration you own.


Bannister brackets have been around for a long time, and as such have had hundreds of years to be refined. A bannister bracket isn’t just for show, either. There is a marked difference in the number of stair-related accidents in the presence of a stair rail bracket or other such protection, so don’t let those close to you take the risk.


We also have a gigantic range of other products to choose from, such as Escutcheons. These are purposed with protecting your keyholes from dust and damage while adding visual appeal to your door, so your tastes and your home’s style will surely go into account if you wish to choose one.


We also sell Hooks for coat-hanging purposes in a large array of colours, sizes and metal finishes. For a more specialised purpose however, we recommend the Cabin Hooks section. These ensure your windows, doors and shutters remain securely in place, and can prop up quite a bit of weight for their size.


For more modern security, choose our Touch Latch fixtures. With no keys required, this latch is disengaged by a mere touch of a button, making them ideal for an environment in which multiple users require access.


For a more domestic approach, our Magnetic Catches never disappoint. Perfect for kitchen cupboards and drawers, these can be engaged and disengaged without the need for keys or other accessories. Furthermore, we stock the Cupboard Doors & Handles needed to pair up with the catches for a complete cupboard, so you can have everything delivered in one neat package.


If you need to install a more public bathroom door, our Indicator Bolt locks are the perfect finishing touch to apply a stylish and functional lock. We also carry Mortice Bolts, which are just what you need to add an additional layer of security to your double doors and French doors.


We also carry Bolts & Sockets intended for garage doors and other outdoor applications if case you’re in need of a more robust attachment, and our Hinge Bolts will help prevent your hinges from being removed for any nefarious deeds.
If you’re shopping for a school or office environment, our selection of Kicking Plates might interest you. Designed to protect the lower portions of the door from damage, they often pair up with accompanying Push Plates.


Also available is our extensive range of Shelving apparatus, in many sizes and varieties. If you require any Ventilation components such as vent plates, we stock those too.


Finally, we carry a diverse selection of Safety Products intended to improve safety and security in and around the home and office. These miscellaneous products speak for themselves, with some potentially capable of saving multiple lives.