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Handrail brackets are essential for bannisters. Wall mounted brackets attach staircase railings to walls, offering support for those going up and down the stairs. Hand rail brackets vary in size, material, design and finish, giving you an array of options to choose from.

A bannister bracket is no longer only a functional piece of hardware. With modern and traditional styles and finishes, railing brackets can also be an aesthetic choice. From antique brass brackets, such as Marcus Heritage 64mm Antique Brass Handrail Bracket, to modern satin brass handrail brackets, such as Marcus Heritage Brass 64mm Satin Brass Handrail Bracket, the choices are endless.

If you prefer simple and practical handrail brackets, you might want to opt for 65mm SAA Heavy Pattern Handrail Bracket or 70mm Satin Chrome Handrail Bracket. These are heavyweight handrail brackets that will suit any property, from commercial spaces to residential areas.

Additionally, we also supply handrail kits, such as Rothley Antibacterial Handrail Kit Matt Black and Rothley Stainless Steel Handrail Kit, which include the rails and brackets. These are strong and durable handrail solutions, suitable for all kinds of settings.

In addition to our handrail brackets, we also stock a variety of other essential hardware, from door handles and door stops to door bolts and coat hooks. Browse our full collection of ironmongery to discover the right accessories and hardware for your property. Contact us today for more information about our products.

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