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Whatever type of door handles you choose, whether you’re going for knob furniture, lever handles on rose or lever furniture on a backplate, you’ll need a pair of escutcheons to protect the locking mechanism and prevent wear on the surrounding material when you use the key.


We have a wide range of new escutcheons for sale, so you’re bound to find something to match the rest of your door furniture. Whether you want a euro escutcheon or one for a conventional key, or even a blank escutcheon, you can choose metals including brass, chrome, pewter, stainless steel, iron and many others.


The designs vary immensely, including round escutcheons like the Pair Distressed Silver Key Escutcheon, square ones like the Set Satin Chrome Square Key Escutcheon, or even diamond-shaped, such as the From the Anvil Bronze Diamond / Square Escutcheon & Cover.


We have oval escutcheons with covers, such as the From the Anvil Pewter Oval Escutcheon & Cover, and the covers can be wood, like the From the Anvil Ebony Plain Escutcheon & Cover. We offer more elaborate shapes, too, such as the From the Anvil Black Gothic Escutcheon.


A premium escutcheon will go with whatever door furniture you’ve chosen, including our luxury Swarovski lever range. We can supply escutcheons as part of the Quick-Fit Plus system, providing quality products to those who want to fit their door furniture quickly and easily. You may also need a blank escutcheon to back up a snib and release system.


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