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Our selection of espagnolette handles includes a range of right-handed and left-handed window handles. We supply From the Anvil espagnolette handles, which are not only highly functional, but also decorative pieces to complete any household décor.

Within our stock of window furniture, we also supply a wide variety of window fasteners, window catches, window stays and window handles to help close and fasten casement windows, sash windows and fanlight windows. For casement windows, we offer casement fasteners and casement stays which provide optimum control over casement windows, as it allows you to adjust how far you want the window open.

For sash windows we supply sash lift handles which are a practical and effective way to open and close sash windows. Traditional sash windows are lowered and raised by a sliding sash that is balanced by two pairs of sash weights in each side of the window. These weights are hung on sash cords that run over a sash pulley wheel. In order to stop sash windows from being fully opened, we recommend purchasing sash stops.

Fanlight windows are small windows over a door or other windows. Fanlight catches are ideal to keep these windows securely fastened, while fanlight stays are essential if you only require to open your fanlight window to a certain distance.

Windows could be hazardous in multi-story buildings that are occupied by elderly people or young children. For this reason, it is very important to have a safety mechanism to restrict how far windows can be opened. We have available a selection of Jackloc window restrictors, which provide increased safety, preventing people from falling through.

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