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Magnetic catches are designed to keep doors in place when closed. These are small pieces of hardware most commonly used for small cabinet doors, wardrobe doors and kitchen cupboard doors. These are usually fitted on the inside of the door and cupboard for a discreet look.

A magnetic door catch is made of two parts: the body of the magnetic catch which holds the magnet and a striking metal plate. When these two parts meet, the magnetic force holds the door and the cupboard together, keeping the door closed. At Ironmongery Experts, we stock a selection of magnetic door catches for all kinds of doors.

All magnetic catches have a different holding force. When choosing the right door catch for your cabinet or cupboard doors, it is essential to choose the right catch. You do not want to purchase a catch that is too strong and makes it difficult to open the door and, at the same time, you do not want a catch that is not strong enough and that does not have enough strength to hold the door closed.

The Black Magnetic Catch has an approximate holding force of 3.5-6kg, the White Single Magnetic Catch features a 2-3kg approximately holding force and the White Double Magnetic Catch has an approximate holding force of 3-4kg.

In addition to our collection of magnetic catches, we also supply magnetic tubular latches, such as the Matt Black 3-inch Magnetic Tubular Latch and the Satin Nickel 3 Inch Magnetic Tubular Latch. These feature a concealed magnet that keeps the door shut. Whether you require magnetic door latches or door catches, browse our full range of products today.

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