Heavy Duty Closers

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Heavy-duty door closers are designed to be fitted on large doors of up to 120kg in weight and 1,400mm in width. These are great for heavy fire doors, being essential for fire safety, but will also be helpful for access control, temperature maintenance and noise pollution.

At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a wide range of door closers, including various types of heavy-duty closers that vary in size, design and finish. This includes overhead door closers, electromagnetic door closers and slide arm door closers. Light-duty door closers, medium-duty door closers, concealed door closers and floor springs are also available.

Overhead heavy-duty door closers, such as Rutland Black Overhead Door Closer, are installed on the surface of the door and door frame. These are the most popular types of door closers available. These feature arms that project out from the door when closed.

Electromagnetic door closers, such as Rutland Satin Nickel Electromagnetic Surface Slide Arm Closer, are activated by the fire alarm system. So, as soon as the fire alarm is activated, fire doors will close immediately. These are ideal for commercial spaces and residential apartment blocks.

Our best-selling door closers are made by Rutland. So, if you are searching for Rutland door closers, we supply a plethora of these high-quality door closers. This includes Rutland Antique Brass Overhead Door Closer, Rutland Silver Overhead Door Closer, Rutland Polished Nickel Overhead Door Closer and Rutland Satin Nickel Overhead Door Closer.

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