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Lift-off hinges provide the ability to remove open doors quickly and easily, being ideal for doors that require frequent removal. We supply a variety of styles and finishes, including satin stainless steel, satin chrome, electro brass, polished chrome among others.


At Ironmongery Experts we stock a wide variety of hinges to be used in an array of doors, windows, cabinets and gates. For example, our ball race hinges are versatile and can be used in a range of applications. These hinges can also be purchased with phosphor bronze washers as washered hinges and are generally paired with broad butt hinges.


For light duty doors, cabinet doors and cupboard doors, we’d recommend light duty hinges and cabinet hinges, which are perfect for both cabinet doors, cupboard doors or any other small doors. In addition to this, thrust bearing hinges are perfect for frequently used doors, so ideal for commercial doors.


For heavy duty applications tee hinges and heavy reversible hinges are ideal, as well as hook and band hinges which are water and erosion resistant, being mostly used in marine applications.


Additionally, spring hinges are designed with one or more springs to automatically close any open door. Parliament hinges aid bypassing objects by being designed with holes on the edge of the broad hinge leaf. We also supply casement hinges to be used on casement windows and piano hinges ideal for piano key covers.


Finally, we stock a variety of decorative hinges with many styles available, including From the Anvil Large Half Butterfly Hinge, From the Anvil Small Butterfly Hinge and From the Anvil Beeswax Ornate Decorative Hinges.

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