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Our anti-ligature hinges are ideal for institutional use, where security is highly necessary, including hospitals, care homes, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and similar environments. These hinges are used to prevent anyone from inflicting harm on themselves or others by eliminating the possibility of attaching a cord or wire around the door furniture.


In addition to our anti-ligature hinges, we also have available other types of hinges perfect for both commercial and residential settings, including concealed hinges, thrust bearing hinges, spring hinges, parliament hinges, piano hinges, tee hinges and more.


Concealed hinges are a type of hinge that is hidden from view when the door is in a closed position, thus provide a clean and finished look, being more aesthetically pleasing than standard hinges.


Thrust bearing hinges are designed to be used in high traffic buildings where a good quality hinge which can resist the wear and tear of everyday use is required. These hinges are most commonly found in commercial properties, including schools, airports and hospitals.


Spring hinges are used on interior doors to automatically close them. These normally can be adjusted in order for the door to close faster or slower.

Parliament hinges are designed for doors which you require to open flat against the wall, such as French doors and patio doors.


Piano hinges are also known as continuous hinges. This type of hinge evenly distributes weight along the length of the door.


Tee hinges are most commonly found on garden gates, barn doors or in rustic properties. These feature a long arm which is fitted across the face of the door and a smaller part which is installed on the door frame.

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