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Ironmongery Experts have all the necessary signs for any commercial building that requires adherence to health and safety regulations. All our designs have been made to enforce key messages with clear wording and manufactured with high quality materials like stainless steel and rigid plastics to ensure a long-lasting finish.


We currently stock six variations of warning signs, this includes; Fire Door Keep Closed, Fire Door Keep Locked Shut, Fire Door Keep Clear, Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear, Fire Door Keep Locked and Fire Door Keep Shut.


Having clear Fire Exit Signs is also of paramount importance for any public building. We have a wide selection of products that use the iconic running man symbol to convey this important message simply, as well as signs that clearly state, “Fire Exit”, to add further clarity.


We also have a Push Bar to Open Sign, to inform people about the correct method of operation for specific fire exit doors, and Fire Action/Staff Instruction Sign, to provide important safety regulations for work places. This design provides site specific information on emergency numbers and assembly meetup points.


To signify the method in which people should be operating doorways, we have a range of Push and Pull signs. We have both circular and rectangle designs, made from high-quality materials like brass and stainless steel.  


Toilet facilities within public buildings also require clear signage to indicate which lavatory is suitable for specific people. We have a wide selection of designs that have universally recognisable symbols or clear wording. Within our Toilet Symbols range, we have signs for; male, female, disabled and baby changing rooms.


Finally, we have a Private Self Adhesive sign on our Miscellaneous Signage page. This design is the perfect way to clarify any areas within buildings that are prohibited for access by certain people. The product is 36 mm high and 150mm wide and has been manufactured with a satin anodised aluminium finish.

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