Safety Products

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As safety products, we offer both Fingershield and Fire Door Retainers, improving safety and security for both commercial and domestic use.


Fingershield’s main objective is to prevent and protect finger trapping accidents, covering the area between the door and the hinge when the door is open. It also works as an effective secondary smoke inhibitor and as a sound barrier.


This environmentally friendly product is available in white, teak, brown, black, grey, beige and beech matching most door colours. Each Fingershield unit is supplied with 10-year warranty and can be easily removed and refitted if any door maintenance is required.


Fire Door Retainers hold doors open and when the fire alarm system is triggered it automatically closes the door, stopping the spread of fire and smoke. It can also be activated by radio signal if required as it has the feature of being wireless.


This type of fire door retainer makes access easy and improves ventilation within a building. We stock this product in white, red, and black.


Ironmongery Experts also offers a variety of other type of accessories, these include bolts and sockets, magnetic catches, kicking plates, ventilation products and much more.

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