Safety Products

Safety Products

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If you’re looking to fortify your home, there’s never been a better time to stock up on safety devices and Accessories to ensure you and your family remain safe and content. From fingershields to vibrating alarms, Ironmongery Experts is proud to introduce our line of safety-centric components.


Besides the fingershield and door finger protector attachments, we also stock a variety of Handrail Brackets for bannisters. These are available in many differing designs and metal finishes, so you’re sure to find one you like.


If you’re installing public bathroom doors, an Indicator Bolt is a stylish and secure method of providing visitors with privacy.
We also stock Cupboard Knobs & Handles for kitchen use, or if you’d prefer a more modern approach, our Magnetic Catches will certainly catch your eye. These are easy to use fixtures that don’t require keys, making them perfect for domestic application.


Our Bolts & Sockets can protect your garage doors from vandalism if the worst happens, and our Hinge Bolts are designed to make it much more difficult for someone to remove your door by its hinges, a common practice among thieves.


If you have French doors or double doors however, we recommend our range of Mortice Bolts. These add an additional facet of protection to unorthodox door designs, so you don’t need to compromise your security for style.


If you’re looking for a new keyhole cover, look no further than our selection of assorted Escutcheons. Purposed with keeping dust and damage away from your keyhole, numerous elegant designs are available for browsing.
In the event you need a door to remain closed yet be accessible to multiple individuals, our Touch Latch fixtures can be operated with the touch of a button, making this one of our more efficient door components.


We also sell “Cabin Hooks” for propping open your doors, windows and shutters securely, as well as regular “Hooks” for hanging coats and jackets in the hallway. Both varieties come in many unique models, so feel free to peruse for one that appeals to you.


If you’re installing doors in an office or industrial environment, Kicking Plates can help reduce the damage your door sustains over the course of years of wear and tear. Often accompanying one of these is a Push Plate, which performs the same function for the areas of the door often frequented by people’s hands.
Our selection of Shelving components is quite substantial, with many models of brackets and uprights to choose from in a massive range of sizes. We also provide Ventilation plates and panels of various sizes and shapes, so your air circulation is taken care of.