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Here at Ironmongery Experts, we stock the Bright Zinc Plated Touch Latch. Having a Touch Latch allows you to easily open and close doors in a smooth and practical fashion.


Cupboards can be further secured with any of our Magnetic Catches. These neatly designed products give you optimum solidity and can easily eradicate any flimsy or worn-down doors at home or at work. The catch mechanism means doors will always be closed flush and ensure that you work place or household is clean and tidy at all times.


For a fun and exciting way to add more colour to your cupboard, we have a selection of Cupboard Knobs and Handles. These are the perfect way to breathe new life into any appliance or hardware either at home or work. All our products are made with high quality materials, with an emphasis on strong child appeal.


Households and work places also need to have the correct Ventilation to ensure a clean and productive environment. Our products are designed to ensure that the correct filtration is in-place so you can work and relax in fresh environments.


Cabin Hooks are also available at Ironmongery Experts. These offer a practical and traditional method to either open and close gates or lock outside structures such as green houses and sheds. It’s important to ensure that any outside equipment or summer furniture is both secure and easily accessible.


For an easy way to store outside clothes such as coats and hats, check out our selection of Coat Hooks. These designs will provide a practical method to store items as well as adding more style to your living space with either Chrome or Pine finishes.

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