Meter Keys

Meter keys are designed to open meter boxes in order to access water meters and electricity meters. At Ironmongery Experts, we stock a variety of keys for gas meter boxes, including plastic meter keys and metal meter keys. These can be used on gas meter boxes with triangular cam locks.

In addition to these, we also supply tee budget lock keys to lock and unlock budget locks. These can be used for loft hatches, access panels and more. Other keys are also available, including fire brigade keys and A5 keys. Plus, we also offer a high-security key cutting service.

Fire brigade keys, also known as FB keys, are used by the fire brigade to lock and unlock fire brigade locks. These locks are often installed on dry risers and cupboards to secure fire hydrants or sprinkler systems as well as communal doors, barriers and other access points.

Our high security key cutting service is ideal to give complete control to property owners. Only property owners or lease holders can register keys and allow tenants or letting agents to duplicate keys. For more information, get in touch with us by calling 01376 557 561 or emailing

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