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Ensuring you keep track of your meter readings can be a crucial aspects of your home’s utility bills, so at Ironmongery Experts we strive to give you the complete selection of meter keys so your energy consumption can be effectively tracked without concern.


We also stock a large variety of other keys for sale, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Our range of A5 keys are expertly cut to specification, so if you need a key duplicated for your home, we can provide you with exactly what you need in a timely manner.


We also offer an exclusive service with our high security key cutting feature – these keys utilise particular indents and a shear bar that prevents everything but your specific key from operating the locking mechanism, and can be delivered straight to your door via a specialised registration and ordering system unique to Ironmongery Experts.


If you work with fire brigade locks, you’ll know how important it is to have the correct key for the job. As robust as these fixtures are, they need to be easily accessible by a select group of authorised individuals to ensure the general public can’t access restricted areas. We supply the full range of fire brigade keys, so in the event you lose one, you can have peace of mind.


Finally, we carry a line of key accessories that help keep your keys organised and freely reachable, and are designed for a range of sizes and uses. Whether you need a new split ring, a key tag, or even a gaoler’s ring, we have the adornment to suit your needs.

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