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Of the many varieties of lock associated with modern living conditions, the mortice bathroom lock is one of the most recognisable. Most mortice bathroom locks are based on the hybrid mortice sashlocks, though some take influence from the more traditional mortice deadlock design. If locks aren’t your style, we also carry an excellent selection of mortice latches to suit your tastes, and all of our locks and latches are available in both brass and stainless steel to correspond to your home environment.


For those with more unorthodox door compositions, consider browsing our assorted rebate sets and sliding door locks & latches. From the rustic 5 lever designs to the contemporary arrangements of otto handles and sliding pull latches, you’re sure to find a look that strikes your fancy. 


If you’re in the market for a lock that will match an office or retail environment and remain accessible to multiple users without the need for keys, our choice of digital locks is sure to impress. Complete with a customisable keypad, they come in a variety of colours and models.


For a secure yet minimalist look, see our diverse range of rim locks & night locks. These stylish locks are easy to operate and offer dependable preservation in a compact form.


On the other hand, if you require some heavy duty protection and don’t mind a bit of bulk, our budget locks, fire brigade locks and padlocks are an incredibly durable option. These fixtures are designed to take a beating, and their resistance to erosion makes them suitable for outdoor applications.


In the case of more domestic functions, our range of magnetic catches and roller catches will ensure your cupboards, wardrobes and doors perform smoothly and seamlessly every time. With a varied assortment of models to choose from, compatibility will never be an issue in your home again.  


At Ironmongery Experts we pride ourselves on delivering expertly crafted products and fixtures to match your needs, no matter the occasion.





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