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Keys & Accessories


Keys get lost, stolen, broken, and replaced all the time – usually when you least expect it. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing you with the exact model of key you need, and fast. If you’re looking for a specific type of key, we have a varied assortment of keys for sale in our extended range.


Whether you need a spare key cut to shape for an existing lock, or a unique configuration for a newly purchased lock, our A5 keys are reliable, meticulously crafted, and high in quality.


Due to the prominence of the standard Yale design in recent decades, Ironmongery Experts has refined the cutting process with full consideration for the customer in mind – as a result, we can now craft new keys faster and more accurately than ever before, regardless of what design you need.


For example, Ironmongery Experts is proud to present our very own key registration and ordering system for high security key cutting. These have particular indents carved into the bit that are exclusive to the cylinder for that specific key, as well as a shear bar that effectively stops any other type of key from gaining access. With our specialised service, we can facilitate the efficient, accurate creation of new keys and copies alike, delivered directly to your door. This unique, bespoke feature takes the inconvenience of having to visit a locksmith out of the equation, making the acquisition of new keys streamlined and painless.


We also stock several models of fire brigade keys for sale designed to work with our fire brigade locks. Used to restrict public access to areas frequented by the emergency services, these robust locks require specific keys carried by authorised individuals to function.


Of course, we also sell the more standard meter keys for the occasional measurement of your home’s utilities. These come in three different designs intended for separate purposes, so choosing the one you need is easy.


Finally, we have a diverse array of key accessories to choose from in our extended range, from keyrings to tags to gaoler’s rings; fashioned from nickel, these extras will keep your keys easy to store and easier to manage.  


So if you ever need a key copied, cut to code, or cut by number, we can deliver efficient results every time.