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Decorative hinges are authentic, sturdy fixtures designed for wooden doors with aesthetic appeal in mind. With many styles available, you can give your home’s entrance doors a bit of flair when choosing your hinges with our unique range.


We also stock a variety of other models, such as the theft-resistant spring hinges – designed to be almost impossible to tamper with, these are ideal for the front and back entrance to your property. For more general uses, our ball race hinges are a modern and versatile choice; we even carry the bronze washer variant, so see our washered hinges for more details.


For more domestic applications, our light duty hinges are perfect for indoor use, such as on cupboards – and for kitchen cabinets, see our selection of cabinet hinges. If you have casement windows, our modern casement hinges are sure to get the job done.


For more unique requirements, our parliament hinges allow a door to smoothly bypass obstructions such as pipework or beams, making them ideal for more unorthodox setups. We also stock a fine collection of piano hinges for piano covers.


If you’re in the market for something heavy-duty, our range of heavy reversible hinges can support cast iron gates without succumbing to erosion, and our tee hinges are designed to spread the weight of the door more evenly, allowing better control and smoother operation. There’s also a list of hook & band hinges available if you require a fixture resistant to seawater, as well as an impressive variety of sturdy thrust bearing hinges in stock. These are designed with high use and low friction in mind, so they’re a common sight in commercial venues. Finally, we have a diverse range of classic broad butts for a huge array of doors and frames, so we cover every angle you need us to.

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