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Zoo Hardware

Zoo Hardware


 Zoo Hardware design elegant and modern door hardware, including door handles, door knobs, door hinges, among other products. They offer high-quality door hardware crafted from aluminium, brass steel and zinc. To ensure this quality and great performance of Zoo Hardware products, all testing to their products is done by an independent third-party, Warrington Certification Ltd.


Among this range, we supply Zoo Hardware lever handles on backplate. Lever handles on backplate are a traditional design of handles which sit on a backplate. These are most commonly found in commercial environments but can be installed in residential properties as well. Within this range, we have available bathroom lever handles, which come complete with a thumb turn lock for enhanced privacy and euro profile lever handles, among others.


In case you require lever handles without the backplate, we also supply Zoo Hardware lever handles on rose. These door handles are fixed to a small and more discreet circular plate, also referred to as the rose, and can be used on any internal doors in both commercial and residential buildings.


If you prefer door knobs instead of lever handles, we have available Zoo Hardware door knobs. These come in a variety of designs, finishes and sizes to meet any and all requirements, including glass ball mortice knobs, porcelain mortice knobs, flower mortice knobs and more.


For kitchen cupboard and cabinets, we supply Zoo Hardware cabinet and kitchen handles. This collection encloses a variety of cabinet and cupboard door knobs, including polished chrome oval cupboard knobs, frosted glass ball cabinet knobs and ringed cupboard knobs