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At Ironmongery Experts we have a wide collection of thumb latches and ring latches for both doors and gates. This selection is handmade by the English ‘From the Anvil’ craftsmen, focusing on high-quality and ease of use, combining old charm with functionality.


In case you are looking for modern door handles, we have an array of door handles for sale. Our lever handles on rose come in a variety designs and metals, including stainless steel, nickel, brass, chrome, among others. For luxurious and modern door handles, see our range of Italian Swarovski levers, which range from door handles with a subtle line of crystals to door handles fully covered in Swarovski crystals.


Our collection of lever furniture on a backplate offers a wide choice of lever styles, catering for both sprung or unsprung levers and locking plates, including modern styles, such as the Chrome Lincoln Lever Euro Lock on backplate, traditional styles, such as Fenwick Pewter Lever on Lock Plate and more decorative and elaborate styles, such as the From the Anvil Monkey Tail Lever Lock Furniture.


For easy and quick to install door handles, see our HOPPE quick fit plus system range. This collection of door handles come in a variety of styles and designs and offer ease of assembly in a short period of time without the need for screws. Additionally, HOPPE products have a ten-year operational guarantee.


To protect the locking mechanism of your door handles, we have available a range of escutcheons for sale. With our wide variety of escutcheons to match the rest of your door furniture, including black square escutcheons, oval profile escutcheons, brass standard escutcheons, euro cylinder escutcheons, and much more.


In case you are not in the market for lever furniture, we have available a selection of knob furniture and a collection of snib and release locks. Our knob furniture comes in a variety of styles and designs, from modern and sleek mushroom mortice knobs to more traditional-looking From the Anvil antique beehive rim knobs.

Snib and release locks are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, which can be locked from the inside by turning a snib. However, in case of an emergency these systems can also be accessed from the outside using a flat-head screwdriver, for example.

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