Bell Pushes

When operating a bell push button, a bell ring will be heard inside the building to alert the individual inside that someone is outside. At Ironmongery Experts we stock a wide range of bell pushes to meet all of your requirements, including the satin stainless steel oval bell push, polished chrome bell push and the Florentine bronze door bell push.


A door knocker would also be suitable to alert the presence of an individual outside your property. This is a more traditional method, which can be used as a decorative piece in order to represent your own style and taste. For example, the brass lion’s head door knocker has been a very popular statement piece for years, this door knocker is believed to act as a guardian of the home symbolising strength, bravery and protection.


In case you simply want to see the person who is outside your home without having to open the door, we would recommend purchasing door viewers. When an individual is outside and you want to have a conversation with them without opening the door, our selection of door chains are ideal for the situation.


Door chains provide very little security by themselves. For this reason, it is always best to install a main door lock, such as sash locks which incorporates both a deadbolt and a latch, plus a secondary security method either a mortice deadlock or rim latch and a door chain to further increase your entrance door security.

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