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Pull out airers are the most effective way of keeping clothes neatly positioned as they are being dried. Our designs require very simple installation and can be used for either inside or outdoor balconies. Our pull out airers for sale boast a high load capacity and store flat against the wall when not in use.


In order to achieve a clean and tidy atmosphere within you bathroom, you will need to make sure you have installed toilet roll holders. This will ensure people can easily access toilet roll at all times and help increase the overall hygiene within your facility.


Towel rails offer the simplest way of keeping towels neatly stored within your bathroom and ensures they are ready for use straight after you have finished using a shower or bath. We have a wide selection of strong and sturdy designs that have been made from polished chrome or satin stainless steel.


Small hand towels also need to have a suitable support mechanism put in place, especially since they are typically used to dry people’s hands. Our towel rings are part of a modern contemporary range and come with all the required fixing screws, wall plugs and fixing plates.


To keep soap within easy reach, you will need to install one of our soap dishes and dispensers. We have two luxury models in the form of a steel soap dish and a triangular soap basket, which both come with a concealed fix rose.


Toothbrushes are one of the most common pieces of bathroom equipment and will need to be stored correctly. By installing one of our toothbrush holders you will be able to keep all your toothbrushes neatly positioned in one place.


The same level of tidiness can be achieved for toilet brushes if they are placed within any of our toilet brush holders. We have a selection of wall mountable designs that are suitable for use within commercial and domestic buildings.


If you want to ensure your bath robes are constantly neat and clean, they will need to be placed onto a robe hook. We have a multitude of both modern and traditional designs which means every style of bathroom has been catered for.


Bathrooms will end up being cluttered with essentials and equipment unless they are stored within bathroom cabinets. This is the most efficient way of keeping all of your bathroom items organised which will greatly enhance the efficiency of your time spent using the facility. Our models come with all the required fixtures and fittings needed for a very simple installation.


We also store a wide assortment of bathroom mirrors which can be used for a wide variety of bathroom related tasks. One of our more innovative designs is our Apollo mirror with integrated lighting, which fully lights up by simply pulling onto a cord.


Another simple and effective way of keeping bathroom essentials neatly stored and within easy reach would be installing glass shelves. Having a shelf with this particular style is best for bathrooms since they will easily blend in with the typically bright tones used for the décor. You can choose from either a stainless steel, polished chrome or clear glass design.


Showering cubicles need to be properly equipped in order for them to function properly. One of the most important components are shower curtain rails, since they act as a vital support mechanism for shower curtains. We have a range that suits any style of showering facility since many of our designs are capable of being shaped into specific sizes.


Once you have put in place one of our strong and sturdy shower curtain rails, you will then be able to easily attach shower curtains. Each product comes with twelve corrosion resistant metal eyelets and has been manufactured with a Proseal coated fabric to greatly enhance water repellency.


Finally, we have a selection of grab rails to improve the way people manoeuvre themselves whilst they are using the bathroom. This is especially prevalent within households that are occupied by elderly or disabled individuals as they may find difficulty lifting themselves up without additional support being put in place.

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