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Ball race hinges, also known as ball bearing hinges, feature ball bearings in between the hinge knuckles to reduce friction. Ball bearing door hinges are ideal for heavier doors plus, are durable and tend to last longer than hinges that do not have ball bearings as the knuckles on these will wear out quicker.

At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a variety of ball bearing hinges for doors that vary in size and finish. This includes Pair Satin Stainless Steel 102mm Grade 13 Ball Bearing Hinge, Pair 102mm Grade 13 Matt Black Ball Bearing Hinge and Pair 102mm Grade 13 Antique Brass Ball Bearing Hinge. Washered hinges are similar to ball bearing hinges as these feature small washers in between the leaves and knuckle.

In addition to our ball race hinges, we also stock a large selection of other hinges, from light-duty hinges and lift off hinges to concealed hinges and parliament hinges. Whether you need heavy-duty hinges for a commercial space or want gate hinges to secure your garden gate, we have it all.

Light-duty hinges are best suited for lighter doors. Within this range, we also have dummy hinges which are used for decorative purposes. Dummy hinges are often used on cabinet doors to give the traditional aesthetic of exposed hinges.

Butt hinges are the most common type of hinges found in properties. These are two leaves that are mortised into the door frame and the door. These can be used on all kinds of surfaces, from furniture and cabinet doors, windows and internal doors.

For a sleek and clean look, concealed hinges are a great choice. Also called hidden hinges, concealed door hinges are completely hidden from view when a door is closed. Our most popular concealed hinges include the Ceam Champagne Silver 130mm 3D Concealed Hinge.

In addition to these, we also have thrust bearing hinges, tee hinges, casement hinges, cabinet hinges, piano hinges and a multitude of other door hinges. If you need professional advice to choose the right hinge for your project, please contact us.

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