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Gate bolts are essential to keep garden gate doors securely closed. There are various types of garden gate bolts available, from drop bolts and tower bolts to padbolts and foot operated bolts. At Ironmongery, we supply a large selection of quality bolts and even gate latches, such as gate ring latches, to keep gate doors closed.

Gate drop bolts are installed on the bottom of the gate door and secure the door to the ground. The 457mm Lokkbolt Lockable Drop Bolt for Metal Gates is one of the many drop bolts available. This bolt features a 316 marine-grade stainless steel drop-rod and retention grooves that prevent dragging or dropping.

Tower bolts, also called barrel bolts, are standard bolts that slide into the staple to look the door. These are the most popular types of bolts used. If you require a tower bolt, the 300mm Bright Zinc Straight Tower Bolt is a good choice.

Padbolts or padlock bolts are bolts which feature a curved section that can be locked using a padlock. These are designed for doors that require a higher level of security, such as a garden shed door. In case you are searching for a padbolt, the 200mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel Heavy Padlock Bolt is a great option.

Foot-operated bolts, as the name suggests, are bolts operated by feet. These are a hand-free method of opening gate doors, being ideal for people carrying heavy items in their arms. These foot operated bolts, such as the 200mm Black Japanned Foot Operated Bolt, are a great choice for commercial spaces.

If you are looking for door bolts to secure interior doors, we also stock mortice bolts in a wide range of finishes and styles as well as indicator bolts, perfect for bathroom doors. For more information about our range of products, feel free to contact our team.

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