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Unlike more orthodox fittings like our ball race hinges or the reliable and sturdy broad butts, piano hinges are specifically purposed with maintaining the continued operation of a piano cover. While not often in need of replacing, it’s reassuring to know that Ironmongery Experts caters for a massive variety of components and scenarios.


For example, if you need hinges with phosphor bronze washers, our impressive selection of washered hinges are viable for a huge range of uses. Much like heavy reversible hinges intended for cast iron gates, these provide a boost in durability when you need it most.


We also stock a healthy collection of domestic fixtures such as light duty hinges intended for smaller doors and cupboards. Like cabinet hinges, these fittings are lighter and more compact than general-use varieties, making them ideal for the kitchen and other rooms of the house. Speaking of which, our spring hinges are ideal for the front and back entrances to your home, as they’re specially designed to make it far trickier for thieves to vandalise or remove your door.


If you require a hinge that resists the elements and ends the year rust-free, our hook & band hinges are just the ones for you. These are treated beforehand to provide as long a life as possible, so they’re often used in marine applications.


For more equal weight distribution amongst heavier doors, our tee hinges are ideal, and if you want a hinge that offers a low-friction experience, look no further than our diverse range of thrust bearing hinges.


Finally, for those tricky door set ups where an obstacle must be cleared upon operation, such as pipework or a beam, our premier selection of parliament hinges make these situations a breeze. Like all our hinges, they come in a huge array of designs, sizes and metal finishes, so finding the right fitting for you is as easy as it should be.

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