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Here at Ironmongery Experts, we’re proud to deliver the best in construction and joinery Accessories. Our range of cupboard knobs and handles are available in a massive range of sizes, shapes and metal finishes to suit your favourite style. We don’t just supply kitchen door handles either – we also stock a varied assortment of Magnetic Catches. Unlike cupboard handles, these keep your cupboard doors firmly closed when not in use without the need for keys.


If you’re installing a new bannister or your old one needs some love, our selection of Handrail Brackets is sure to please. They come in many sizes, configurations and metal finishes, so matching your style is simple.


We also stock a variety of Escutcheons and keyhole cover products, designed to mitigate dust and damage from your keyhole.
If you’re looking to install some public bathroom doors, our Indicator Bolts are an efficient and stylish method of maintaining privacy. Available in many unique designs, these fixtures are strong enough to last.


If you’re after a sturdy bolt for garage doors, browse our selection of Bolts & Sockets. These can also be applied to other types of external doors too, which makes them as versatile as they are staunch.


If you have French doors or double doors however, you’ll require one of our Mortice Bolts to give it an additional layer of protection and security. These are a must-have for anyone with unconventional door types.


Speaking of security, our range of Hinge Bolts can prevent vandalism by making your door’s hinges far harder to tamper with.
If you need a latch that will allow multiple people quick and easy access, our Touch Latch models can be opened with the touch of a button, placing them along the most efficient of our fixtures.


We also stock a selection of Cabin Hooks intended with keeping your doors, windows and shutters propped open securely. Or you can browse our regular Hooks for hanging up coats and other apparel.


For office and school use, our assorted Kicking Plates can protect your doors from scratches and scuffs, and the accompanying Push Plates provide a smooth surface by which the door can be accessed. These two products are often seen on doors as a pair. Also stocked is a variety of Ventilation plates, grates and panels for the office or industrial environment.


We also stock Shelving components, from uprights to brackets and everything in between, in a huge array of sizes.
Finally, our Safety Products comprises a collection of assorted devices and fixtures that can mitigate the risk associated with everyday life.

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