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Heavy reversible hinges are hinges crafted for strength, prioritising durability and rust-resistance. Ideal for cast iron gates, these hinges are built to last and provide smooth operation for a large variety of heavy-duty applications.


We also have a selection of more widely used models, such as ball race hinges. These are available in several designs, so if you require bronze washers or broad butts, feel free to browse the rest of our range – we provide washered hinges and more specialised fixtures.


For instance, if you need a hinge that can tolerate wear and tear while operating with low friction, our thrust bearing hinges will be perfect for the job. Similarly, if you need something a little more theft-resistant, our selection of spring hinges are popular for residential use.


If you’re looking for something more subtle or compact, our light duty hinges are ideal for kitchens and smaller doors inside the home. For cupboards though, we recommend specific cabinet hinges for the best fit possible.


We provide more unorthodox hinges too; our parliament hinges are designed for doors that need to bypass obstructions upon use, and for a functional, elegant piano cover, see our selection of piano hinges.


In the event you need a hinge that’ll distribute the weight of the door more evenly and offer greater control, see our collection of tee hinges. They provide more support for heavy duty doors, much like our galvanised stainless steel hook & band hinges. These are designed for nautical applications, but can be seen in the commercial sector as well.


Finally, we stock a large range of casement hinges purposed for windows, regularly seen in residential use. We also have a dedicated selection of more decorative hinges for a more refined aesthetic.


Every type of hinge we sell is available in a large range of models and metal finishes, and new products are constantly being added. If you’d like to make an order by phone, please visit our contact page.

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