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Equestrian Ironmongery

Equestrian Ironmongery

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Anyone involved with equestrian and looking to enhance their setup should check out our extensive range of equestrian ironmongery products for sale. We have absolutely everything you could possibly need such as saddle poles, saddle racks and stable hangars.


At the very forefront of our exterior hardware and security range is our selection of British designed tee hinges. Quality is assured with any of our models which have been hand crafted from the anvil as they have been individually heated and then shaped to enhance their strength and durability.


There is also an assortment of high-quality heavy reversible hinges on offer. The pinnacle of which are our black heavy reversible hinges which come all come fully equipped with a polyester powder coating to improve rust protection.


Even more exterior hardware and security designs can be found amongst our range of hook and band hinge products. These particular models are best suited to heavy doors or gates that may require strong and sturdy support. We have a diverse selection currently available which means hardware of all shapes and sizes have been taken into consideration.


In order to increase the level of structural enhancements for any exterior hardware, we have gate hinges and fastenings. Most of our products are complete sets that come with all the required hooks, screws and fixings for easy installation.


An alternative would be any of our sprung hinges and coil gate springs. The major benefit of these particular products is that they can be adjusted both horizontally or vertically. Every single one of our designs have been manufactured with strong polymer and stainless steel to ease the chances of rust of corrosion taking place.


We also have a wide range of gate latches in stock, which includes the highly inventive Magnalatch model. This particular concept uses a latching system to help prevent the possibility of jamming or sticking. They can be installed onto hardware of any size and can be locked permanently with the use of a provided key.


In order to achieve a more traditional vibe, you will need to install any of our ring gate latches. We have three high-quality and long-lasting designs that come in either Shakespearean, ornamental or zinc plated finishes.


The most proven method of keeping any gates that are used on a frequent basis would be using gate bolts. This is the simplest way of keeping structural integrity intact whilst also making the process of pushing and pulling far more smooth. If you’re looking to add some style and substance then we have a selection of coloured gate bolts that come in either blue, green, pink or red finishes. Also within our stock are hot bed handles that come in the sizes 150mm or 180mm.


It is of vital importance that garage doors are equipped with garage doors stays in order to achieve optimum safety and security. This will keep doors in an upright position ready for you to safely enter and exit your garage.


A majority of locking mechanisms will need to be kitted out with hasps and stables. This will ensure any padlocks and pins are properly protected using a strong interlocking system.


Anything outside can be permanently locked using one of our padlocks. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market which includes designs specially manufactured by Abus. Their products boast a hardened steel body and high impact plastic cover.


Another range of exterior and hardware security amongst our selection of ironmongery security products. A vast majority of our stock centres around the Bulldog shutter door lock system, which can secure wooden, metal and glass fibre doors with precision and ease. These are British crafted products that come with a 5-year guarantee.


Finally, we have a wireless monitoring set which can be located within our surveillance kits page. This is one of the market leading designs having been manufactured by industry experts Abus of Germany. You will receive a recording device, two wireless outdoor cameras and three supply units.