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Here at Ironmongery Experts, we have a high-quality Private Self Adhesive Sign. This product allows you to clearly mark certain areas within buildings that are not accessible to the public. The sign is 36mm high and 150mm wide and has been manufactured with a Satin anodised aluminium finish.


Having the correct safety signage in place is often mandatory for any public building. We have a wide selection of designs that use clear and bold wording to enforce critical safety rules and procedures to help prevent any accidents during an emergency situation.


All our signs have been made with durable and long-lasting materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and rigid plastics. We have six different signs available, which includes; Fire Door Keep Closed, Fire Door Keep Locked Shut, Fire Door Keep Clear, Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear, Fire Door Keep Locked and Fire Door Keep Shut. These signs are vital for the adherence to health and safety regulations.


Another essential sign required for commercial establishments are Fire Exit Signs. We have a range of designs that use the universally recognisable running man symbol to provide instant clarity as to where people can exit buildings during a fire. These signs are fully reversible to allow placement on either the left or right side of doorways.


We also have a reversible Fire Action/Staff Instruction Sign, which provides important safety information such as meet up points and emergency contact numbers, and a Push Bar to Open Sign, to indicate which method is required to operate certain fire exit doors.


Push & Pull signs are also in stock, to clarify how people can enter and exit buildings efficiently. Within our range, we have both circular and rectangle designs which have been manufactured with materials like stainless steel and brass.


Finally, public buildings such as restaurants and hotels will need to have clear Toilet Symbols in place for any facilities. We have both worded or symbol indication for; male, female, unisex, disabled and baby changing rooms.

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