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Casement hinges are designed to be used with the casement windows, a more popular choice before the sash window was invented. Usually made from timber, it sits within a common frame with one or both windows hinged at the side. We have a wide selection of casement hinges for sale, so you can find any size and model you require.


We also host a range of more frequently used hinges, such as the universally utilised ball race hinges and the more specialised, bronze washer equipped washered hinges. These see use in a massive variety of commercial and residential applications, but if you need something more compact, try our light duty hinges. Like our domestic selection of cupboard and cabinet hinges, these fixtures are lightweight, smooth and subtle while retaining full durability.


For more refined hinges, we recommend our collection of decorative hinges for aesthetic appeal. These are available in a range of authentic finishes, so they pair well with our elegant piano hinges for piano covers. For more complex setups whereby the door must clear an obstacle upon opening, our parliament hinges offer effective support and superior function.


For more heavy-duty applications, our thrust bearing hinges can endure heavy use on a daily basis and still retain a smooth, friction-free operation for many years. Our tee hinges are designed to distribute the weight of the door more evenly, providing greater control on heavier doors. Similarly, our heavy reversible hinges are an ideal fit for cast iron gates and similar hefty setups. And if you need a hinge that offers the best rust resistance possible, our galvanised steel hook & band hinges are sure to get the job done.


If you require something a little more theft-resistant for your home’s entrance doors, our range of spring hinges offer increased protection against tampering and vandalism. Much like our broad butts and other domestic hinges, they’re beginning to see widespread use in the housing sector.


All of our hinges are available in an assortment of models, sizes and metal finishes – so you can find the components you need, when you need them. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please visit our contact page.

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