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Double doorways may require a Double Panic Bolt model to ensure they have been appropriately equipped for the event of a crisis situation. We have a range of products which have been meticulously designed with high quality materials such as gold, silver, and stainless steel.


These designs are ideal for commercial buildings such as schools which occupy a large number of vulnerable people. Having a practical rebated doorway, equipped with any of our Double Panic Bolts, will ensure heavily populated buildings can be exited with ease.  


For any singular doors, we have a selection of Single Panic Bolt models. These designs operate with either a pad or bolt mechanism. Both methods are simple, ensuring anyone can operate the door effectively and leave buildings in a prompt manner.


Our diverse range of Panic Latches include the Silver Single Panic Latch and the Polished Brass Single Panic Latch, both of which are guaranteed to provide a robust and long-lasting finish.


We also have a selection of Push Pads, offering an alternative method to the conventional bolt designs. These models have been made to ensure you have a neat and compact piece of Panic Hardware in place for both radiance and practicality. The clear wording each model adopts, will ensure anyone can use the mechanism without any prior knowledge of how it operates.


Finally, we have a range of Locking Attachments to provide a permanent system to lock buildings. This is especially important for buildings which contain valuable items and require a solid deterrent from intrusion during periods in which people are not present.

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