Non Sprung Gate Hinges

Non sprung gate hinges are suitable for light to medium weight gates. These do not have a spring. We stock Premium Gatemate 600m Black Adjustable Hinge Set and Premium Gatemate 600m Black Standard Hinge Set. These are hot dip galvanised with polyester powder coating and are designed to be installed on 3-inch gates.

Spring gate hinges, tee hinges and other gate hinges are also available. T hinges or tee hinges evenly distribute the weight of the gate so that the load does not put added strain on the hinge. Hook and band hinges can also be purchased. These are visually similar to T-hinges but come as two separate pieces: the band which attaches to the gate door and the hinge plate which attaches to the gate frame.

Our range of spring gate hinges, also known as spring gate hinges, are self closing gate hinges that feature a mechanism which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. We also stock reversible gate hinges. These are heavy-duty hinges that allow gates to sit flush with the gate post when installed.

In addition to our gate hinges, we also supply a variety of other gate furniture. This includes gate latches, including ring gate latches, which are used to keep gates closed and, to increase gate security, we supply gate bolts and hasp and staple which can be used with padlocks.

If you require heavy-duty security mechanisms, our sold secure locks are a great choice. These are certified “Sold Secure Silver” and can be used for a variety of applications. If you require further assistance finding garden gate hinges, our team can advise you on the right gate hinges for your garden to match your requirements, no matter if you have a metal gate or a wooden gate. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team.

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