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Fanlight Catches offer a neat and practical method of keeping windows securely fastened. They are best suited for use on bottom hung casement windows but can also be installed onto doors and cabinets around the home. Their primary function is allowing windows out of reach to be operated with a pole.


We also have a wide selection of Casement Fasteners, to provide a more contemporary style of keeping sash windows closed. Our range of bespoke designs have been manufactured with radiance in mind to ensure suitability for any household. 


If you are looking for a simple and effective solution of regulating how much fresh air you want to be exposed to, you will need to install any of our Casement Stays. These products offer a selection of different settings that enable your windows to be fastened securely at different distances.


In order for any sash windows on the higher level of buildings to be safe and secure, they will need to have a Jackloc Window Restrictor in place. This is the easiest way to ensure windows can only be opened to a certain distance.


For smooth and comfortable operation for any sash windows, you will need to consider installing any of our high-quality Sash Lifts & Handles. These designs have been made with radiance and durability in mind, since they have been manufactured from materials like polished chrome, polished brass and PVD Nickel.


A traditional method of fastening is also on offer in the form of Sash Fasteners. These compact designs are simple to use and won’t compromise much space around your windows. Our products are certain to provide longevity and come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.


Many sash windows operate with a rolling mechanism, which will therefore require the installation of any of our Sash Pulleys. These products have been specially modified for sliding sash windows and have been equipped with carry cords to counter balance any sash weight. Sash Pulleys operate best when they have been placed twice at the top of windows and twice at the bottom.


On our Sash Stops page we have the 19mm Roller Sash Stop. This product is a top of the range solid brass socket screw from the Fulton and Bray range. We offer a selection of finishes, which includes; polished chrome, satin chrome, polished brass, PVD nickel and Florentine bronze.


Weight distribution is another important factor for sash windows. The best way to ensure you have a consistent level of balance is by installing a Sash Cord. This will ensure a smooth operation no matter what height your windows have been opened to.


In order to further increase balance for sash windows, you will need to install the correct amount of Sash Weights in accordance with the size of your windows.


Finally, we have Fanlight Stays to ensure windows can only be opened to a certain distance. Our models have been manufactured by the Carlisle Brothers and come as standard with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.

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