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Our ventilation products improve overall air quality and reduce humidity. Our products include louvre vents, louvre panels, air transfer grills and face plates for air transfer grills.


These types of ventilation products are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments.


Air Transfer Grills offer controlled air ventilation and are ideal for natural ventilation installations. They are made with intumescent material which is not affected by water. Our air transfer grills are not equipped with face plates, we sell those separately.


Louvre Panels are designed to disperse air evenly into the room. This product has a system of baffles to reduce light and prevent water transferring. In addition, it can be painted to match interior decoration.


We also stock Louvre Vents, which are specially used in industrial and commercial buildings, providing ventilation, and controlling light entry. It also offers rain defence.


At Ironmongery Experts we offer a variety of accessories to make your life easier, from safety products to cabinet knobs and handles.

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