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In order to have a fully functional showering facility, you will need to install one of our sturdy shower curtain rail products. If you want to buy shower curtain rails, we have designs that have been made from high-quality materials like polished chrome and brass. Within our range, we have bendy models which can be easily shaped into any required size.


A suitable level of hygiene must be observed in both domestic and commercial buildings, which means any toilet facility will need to be equipped with toilet roll holders. This will ensure people have easy access to toilet roll at all times and will also help to achieve a clean and tidy atmosphere within your premises.


If you want to keep your towels clean and within easy reach, you will need to install towel rails. This will ensure fresh towels are ready for use after you have used a shower or bath. We have single, twin and bendy designs that are all part of a modern contemporary range.


It’s also important that any hand towels are stored neatly within towel rings in order for them the retain their cleanliness. This is especially important since these towels are mostly used for drying hands. You can choose from either a stainless steel or polished chrome model, both of which come with all the required fixing screws, wall plugs and fixing plates.


Soap dishes and dispensers offer the best platform for any soap within your bathroom. We have either a satin stainless steel soap dish or a polished chrome tempo triangular soap basket, which are both equipped with a concealed fix rose and come with a 10-year mechanical warranty.


Toothbrushes are one of the most common bathroom essentials found in any home. In order to keep them stored neatly together, we have a range of toothbrush holder products. Our designs are wall mountable and made from either polished chrome or satin stainless steel.


To further enforce hygiene within your bathroom, you will need to put in place toilet brush holders. This will ensure toilet brushes remain clean and suitable for use. Our range of products are part of the LX bathroom range and require very simple installation.


Keeping your bath robes both neat and clean can be achieved by installing any of our robe hooks. We cater for any style of bathroom since we store both traditional and contemporary models. Within our range, we have hooks made from anvil, which have been handmade by British artisans.


Organisation is key for any functional bathroom, which means installing bathroom cabinets are of paramount importance. This will ensure any bathroom essentials can be stored in a methodical fashion to enhance the practicality of your facility. We have both single and double panel designs that either come fully assembled or with a simple self-assembly format.


We also store a multitude of high-quality bathroom mirrors. There’s circular pedestal mirrors which come with a tilt function to allow strong magnification, as well as larger models to provide broader reflections. If you are looking to add some innovation to your bathroom, we have the Apollo mirror with integrated lighting, which fully lights up by simply pulling on a cord.


To keep bathroom essentials in easy reach, you will need glass shelves to be put in place. Our range of designs are suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings and come with the required materials for a quick and easy installation. These designs will perfectly blend with the typically bright tones used in bathrooms.


Any showering facility will need to have shower curtains installed so that water remains within the shower cubicle. We stock machine washable curtains which come with Proseal coated fabric to provide outstanding water repellency.


The ease in which people enter and exit bathtubs can be greatly increased with the use of grab rails. Using one of our strong and sturdy models, you will have a reliable aiding system in place which will prove to be especially helpful for both elderly and disabled individuals.  


Finally, we have pull out airers available, to provide a strong platform for any clothes that need to be dried. Our designs are easily installed and can be used for either inside or outdoor balconies

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