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Accessibility & Safety Products

Accessibility & Safety Products

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In our accessibility and safety products range we have available a selection of fire door retainers, including the Union Black DoorSense Fire Door Retainer. This model provides ease of access by keeping a fire door open and if a fire alarm sounds the retainer will automatically respond to the sound and close the fire door.


This robust fire door retainer is equipped with a fire-retardant casing which helps deflect impacts and two Alkaline C batteries that provide a long lifespan. Fire door retainers can also help improve ventilation within residential or commercial buildings during hot weather conditions.


In addition to our surveillance and safety range, we stock surveillance kits to further improve your building’s security and safety. Surveillance systems not only help prevent intruders from breaking in, but also will give you evidence to assist investigations, in the event that your home/office has been burglarised. Our wireless monitoring kit comes complete with two weatherproof cameras that have motion detection and night vision function, as well as a mobile application to monitor the video footage.