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Cabin hooks are discreet yet extremely practical door furniture. These are used to keep doors open, allowing easy access in and out of spaces. A cabin hook consists of a metal hook and an eye catch. The hook is often installed on the door frame and the eye catch on the door, or vice-versa. The hook can easily lock into the eye catch to hold doors open.

These can be used on internal doors, external doors, windows, and gates. There are various designs of cabin hooks and eye, from modern cabin hooks, such as Polished Brass Cabin Hook, to traditional cabin hooks, such as From the Anvil External Beeswax Forged Cabin Hook.

Cabin hooks also come in various sizes. Short cabin hooks, such as 148mm Pewter Forged Cabin Hook, will be ideal for doors that can swing 180 degrees, being flush against the wall. Even shorter cabin hooks will be designed for window doors, such as 73mm Polished Brass Cabin Hook. In case you want to hold doors open further away from the wall, a larger cabin hook will be required.

These hooks also vary in finish, from galvanised cabin hooks, such as 100mm Galvanised Steel Cast Cabin Hook and Eye, and stainless steel cabin hooks, such as Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cabin Hook, which are perfect for corrosion resistance to black cabin hooks and brass cabin hooks which will not only be practical but will also be decorative.

You can choose to pick a finish that will suit the rest of your door’s ironmongery or you might want to mix finishes for a more visually interesting look. Browse our selection of cabin hook and eye latches to discover the right cabin hook for you. Contact us today for more information.

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