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Push pads offer a simple and methodical process to open doors during emergency situations. These designs have been made to ensure anyone attempting to exit buildings, can do so in a safe and efficient manner.


Every design has been made with high quality materials such as stainless steel and brass for a radiant and long-lasting finish. Each model adopts clear and bold wording, to ensure anyone can use the mechanism even without any prior knowledge of how the door operates.


For any singular doorway, we have a wide range of Single Panic Bolt products. We have a selection of both pad and bolt-based designs, both of which will guarantee a practical and easy method to exiting buildings.


We also stock Double Panic Bolt products, which have been specifically modified for double doorways. This is especially necessary in large commercial establishments such as hospitals where dual doorways are common place due to the level of people the building occupies.


Some examples of our Panic Latch range includes the Silver Single Panic Latch and the Polished Brass Single Panic Latch. These products are certain to provide the necessary safety integrity any commercial building is required to adhere to.


Finally, to add a permanent locking mechanism to doors, we have a range of Locking Attachments. This is best suited to buildings that contain valuable items or oversee long periods in which people are not present.

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