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Parliament hinges are designed for doors and windows that open out 180 degrees. Also known as wide-throw hinges, parliament hinges feature a traditional double-leaf hinge design but, unlike traditional butt hinges, these have a large cut-out on both the top and bottom of the hinge. This cut-out section allows doors to bypass skirting boards, deep trim mouldings and objects, such as pipework, making parliament hinges ideal for French doors.

By allowing doors to fold flat against the wall, these door hinges maximise space and offer easy access to rooms. At Ironmongery Experts, we stock a vast collection of parliament hinges, from 42mm parliament hinges to 75mm parliament hinges. These are available in various materials and finishes to suit a variety of requirements.

A parliament hinge should not be confused with a projection hinge. Projection hinges are similar to parliament hinges. However, projection hinges carry more weight than parliament hinges, being better suited for heavier doors.

In addition to these hinges, we also stock a variety of other door hinges, including concealed hinges, such as our best-selling Ceam Matt Black 130mm Concealed Hinge, which fit inside the door and door frame, offering a clean and modern aesthetic. Ball race hinges, lift off hinges, tee hinges and many other types of hinges are also available.

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