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Door knockers are perfect for visitors to alert you of their presence. Not to mention that door knockers can be a real entrance door statement piece which reflects your style and can represent the type of person you are. For example, we stock the popular brass lion’s head knocker crafted From the Anvil, which symbolises bravery, strength, nobility, and valour.


In case you want to use your door knocker as a style piece, you will need a bell push button for your front door. For an added entrance door flair, centre door knobs are ideal. Our centre door knobs range includes a variety of modern and simple knobs, such as our stainless steel door knob to more unique centre door knobs, for example, the period art deco centre door knob and the Florentine bronze centre door knob. Letter plates and door numbers can also give your entrance door a special touch.


To improve your door security, we would recommend installing a sash lock, which incorporates both a deadbolt and a latch. Mortice deadlocks and rim latches can be added as a secondary locking mechanism to further increase your entrance door security. In addition to these mechanisms, you can install a door chain and door peephole viewer for added privacy and security. If your entrance door doesn’t have a door handle or door knob, it is ideal to have a door cylinder pull to aid closing the door from the outside.  

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